5 Sportsbooks to Avoid – SBOBet, Bovada, and SBOBet


Until recently, most sportsbooks in the US were illegal. Most were run by organized crime and some were even family businesses. Some were even operated by friends and family members. However, over twenty states have legalized sportsbooks. Before opening a sportsbook, you should check the rules in your state and look for features like customer support. Below are some tips to help you pick the best sportsbook. You may also want to consult a sportsbook lawyer to make sure that the company is legit.

SBOBet – Founded in the Philippines, SBOBet has recently ventured into the western market. It has excellent customer service in a number of languages, low minimum deposit requirements, and a user-friendly interface. It also offers a welcome bonus of $200 free bets, but keep in mind that the bonuses can change anytime. Also, check the sportsbook’s customer support and FAQ section before placing a bet.

SBOBet – The SBOBet website works well on mobile devices. It has a minimal work flow, a responsive design, and a simple interface. The odds are easily readable on mobile. It also offers mobile WAP services and mobile apps that allow customers to place bets and check their account balance. As a bonus, SBOBet also offers a mobile version of its web site, enabling users to place bets without the need to log into their account.

SBOBet – This Asian sportsbook has global presence and is licensed in the Philippines and the Isle of Man. It sponsors numerous sports teams and is available in several countries. This sportsbook is well-known for its excellent customer service and has many languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. You can deposit money with the sportsbook of your choice, and withdrawal is easy and fast. The sportsbook’s payout time is also remarkably fast.

Bovada – Although Bovada is a relatively popular sportsbook, it does not list all types of bets available. It doesn’t have many proposition bets, entertainment bets, and financial bets. In addition, Bovada offers only a few games for non-sports wagers. It also has a limited selection of sports, mainly football. However, most sportsbooks will list maximum payouts for each sport, which can vary based on the type of play and level of competition.

While betting on sports is a risky business, even with the best odds, you can still make a profit with an online sportsbook. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions of each betting website before you place your bet. You can always compare odds and prices from different sites before making a decision. There are also many free bets online and you can even get free bets if you like. Just be sure to research the book’s payout policies and reputation before making a decision.

In addition to online betting, online gambling websites also offer various other services to attract customers. Unlike real-life casinos, a Philippine-based operator can offer remote marketing and sales services to customers in the Philippines. For sportsbook services outside of the Philippines, you should choose one that is based in a jurisdiction that allows for online gambling. Listed below are some of the most popular sportsbooks in the Philippines. And, if you want to place your bets on a wide range of sports, consider signing up with a sportsbook.